STARC On-the-Air Meetings:

Please join us every Tuesday night at 20:00 on the 146.82 repeater (107.2 PL) for the weekly STARC On-the-Air meeting. The alternate repeater is 146.88 (107.2 PL) in the event the 146.82 is offline. This meeting is open to all amateurs in the Coastal Bend. We will have announcements of upcoming events and contests, and will take check-ins and comments from the participants.

2018 STARC Net Control Schedule

On-the-Air Meetings/Nets:
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Emergency Nets: also see Coastal Bend ARES for more info

DATETIMEFrequency Description
Daily6:30 PM3.873 MhzTexas NTS Traffic Net
Monday7:00 PM28.482 Mhz USBCoastal Bend 10 Meter Net
Monday7:30 PM3.873 Mhz LSBTexas ARES Weekly Net
Monday8:00 PM147.340 + Mhz (107.2 pl)
Currently 147.220 + 173.8 due to issues
Coastal Bend ARC Net
Monday8:00 PM145.190 – Mhz (103.5 pl)Victoria Amateur Radio Club Net
Tuesday6:45 PM52.525 Mhz FM SimplexCoastal Bend 6 Meter Net
(50.130 Mhz USB last Tuesday of Month)
444.600 Mhz +
CC9 DMR Slot 2
Or Via Hotspot
South Texas ARES Net
Slot 2 –
South Texas
TG 31482
Tuesday7:30 PMOff Air see Net Control Statement 4/12/22Buy, Sell, & Trade Net
Tuesday8:00 PM146.820 Mhz –
(107.2 pl)
STARC On-the-Air Meeting
444.600 Mhz +
CC9 DMR Slot 1
Texas Statewide DMR Net
Slot 1 –
Texas TG 3148
(Not on Brandmeister
Wednesday7:30 PM3.870 Mhz LSBBoat Anchors Unlimited Net
1st Thursday8:00 PMCurrently on 147.080 Mhz + (No Tone)District 4 ARES Net
1st & 3rd
444.600 Mhz +
CC9 DMR Slot 2
Or Via Hotspot
Texas Gulf Coast RACES Net
Slot 2 –
South Texas
TG 31482 (Backup TG
72237) Must be RACES
Member to check in with TDEM assigned

Unit Number
Friday8:00 PM146.480 Mhz SimplexNEW START TIME
Friday Night BS Net
during winter net completes then moves to 160m
See below
1.929 Mhz LSB (Winter Only)Friday Night BS Net (Part 2)
Sunday7:00 AM3.855 Mhz LSBSouth Texas Emergency Net
Sunday10:00 AM7.245 Mhz LSBTexas Traders Net
Sunday7:30 PM3.922 Mhz LSBContinental Traders Net
EmComm NetsDaytime FreqNighttime Freq
ARES Emergency Traffic7.285 Mhz3.873 Mhz
ARES Health & Welfare7.290 Mhz3.935 Mhz
Texas RACES7.255 Mhz3.975 Mhz

Updated 1/14/2022