This online resource a public service of the STARC club to the local ham community. The Buy Sell Trade Net is NOT owned by STARC.

For the past 20 years a two meter net has been held to allow coastal bend hams to dispose of no longer needed equipment or to find something they are looking for. The only requirement is that it be amateur radio related. The South Texas Amateur Radio Club makes this space available for listings but is in no way responsible for the transactions between amateurs. See the latest net posting below:

NEW – The South Texas Amateur Radio Club has decided to continue to assist the local amateur radio community offer up their excess gear on this webpage. We will accept emails at with sellers contact information, list of items, and price. They club will update them on this page once a week. The items will also be announced very briefly at the end of the weekly STARC on air meeting every Tuesday at 8pm. Interested parties will need to contact the seller of the item for more details on the item.

BST Announcement – Local Repeater Trustee is wanting the assistance of a climber to install a 220Mhz (1.25m) Antenna at about 80 feet on his tower to put a 220 Mhz Repeater back On Air in the local area. Contact Ron KG5BZ at 512-796-7311.

BST Listing 11/22/2022

For Sale – Jim N5VL 361-249-0993 : Equipment for Sale 

Siro Dominator 5/8 wave 6 meter ground plane. Heavy duty…1KW rated,  13 feet tall with 8 radials , Mint condx.  $200

Kenwood TS440S with built in tuner and brand new stock mic     $400 

Two low profile Diamond K660M trunk mounts  $40 each 

Diamond NT770HA 2meter / 400 mobile antenna  $30 


BST Listing 11/15/2022

For Sale – Jim N5VL 361-249-0993 : Equipment for Sale 

Yaesu FT857D new refurbished face plate, Just check out by the shop and has a clean bill of health. Include the original mike and the touch tone mike with all the remote functions , Two Separation kits, Manual, and Nifty operations manual         $800 Negotiable 

Kenwood TS440S with built in tuner and brand new stock mic     $400 

Two low profile Diamond K660M trunk mounts  $40 each 

Diamond NT770HA 2meter / 400 mobile antenna  $30 


BST Listing 11/8/2022 (Early Post)

Want – Jon email: phone: 631.298.6595 – Looking for 31 mix ferrite to make feedline & power chokes for HF station and EFRW antennas.  Bars, rings and snap-ons for RG-58, RG-8 and RG-8X cables all wanted.

For Sale – Jim N5VL 361-249-0993 :

Kenwood TS440 with built-in tuner and new factory mic  $425

Yaesu 857D with newly refurbished faceplate and service center checkup and alignment. Stock Hand mic PLUS Optional touch tone / remote control mic, two separation kits, Box, manual and Nifty mini manual  $800

Siro Dominator 5/8 wave 6 meter ground plane with 8 radials, handles 1KW  Excellent condx – two years old  $200 Heavy duty construction

BST Listing 11/1/2022

Items for sale – Contact info: Cell phone:  361-537-3569 Leave a message if I don’t answer since I am still working nights til who knows when…..  I have not included photos, but can sure take them and send them to people who may want to see any item.  I will handle those on an individual basis…


  1. Yaesu FT3 handheld with a red superstick antenna, includes the RTS programming software AND cable  $300.00
  2. From Ham Radio outlet:  Zumspot pi-star hotspot       $50.00
  3. Yaesu FT65 handheld, includes the RTS programming software AND cable   $50.00
  4. LDG QRP model Z817 autotuner for the Yaesu FT818ND.    $75.00
  5. Yaesu FT818ND QRP rig, with RTS systems programming software and cable.  Excellent condition, non-smoking, very little hours on it. $400.00
  6. RTS programming software for a Kenwood TM281a two meter radio with cable. $25.00
  7. RTS programming software for a Radioddity GA-510 handheld, this is an electric download, but RTS passed on once purchased, I will email new owner, they will provide a new activation code.   $25.00
  8. Anytone 878UV (not the Pro version, this version is discontinued) excellent condition DMR handheld with programming cable.  Uses Anytone downloadable software from Bridgecom.     $180.00
  9. Yaesu FT2980R 80 watt 2 meter mobile rig.  $100.00   RTS software included BUT NOT the cable, I need it for another rig I am keeping.

*********contact me if you have any questions Contact info: Cell phone:  361-537-3569

*****Estate Sale*****

Contact via email

All items are untested and are parts or repair unless otherwise noted

Wator  = working at time of removal

All prices are OBO :

TS 440  Working at time of removal   $425

TS 140  Working but transmits full power only   $375

Z100 tuner   $125

Z100 tuner   $125

Anytone  10m  AT5555n  with box   $

Anytone UHF/VHF  AT-7784   25w   $100

P L II +   $260

QRP Tuner ATU-100    $80

         Brown colored case Pixie 7.030   $15

         XIEGU  G1M   $240

        MFJ-9040 40m SSB    $325

        Blue case 10.000mhz Midwayelectronics  ME30   $130

Power Supply  RS20M  Wator   $140

Several other non-ham radios

List #2

TS 140 unknown condition    $300

TM-241a  VHF    $100

Icom IC-718  Wator    $550

Icom  IC-2000    $70

Ameritron Tuner  ATR15  (1500 watt)   $300

Power supplies:  Three S-240-12 Wator  20a    @ $20 each

                            S-400-12  33a  Wator   $50

                            TenTec  8a    $10

                            NewMar  8a    $15

                            Pyramid Gold Series  PS-14K  12a  $35

                            Pyramid  PS36KX    36a     $136

                            Samiex  SEC1223  23a  rough case    $50

Amplifier  10m   100w   $75

BK Precision tube tester (w/some tubes)   $75 

CW key Japan   DM-901    $45

CW key  US military style      $55

VIZ  WP-29  Rough/parts      Offer

Remote Active Antenna  MFJ-1024   $24

Telepatch II   MFJ-624    $30

Speech processor  LSP-520BX II    $50

$20Antenna Vertical w/base coil Wator      $350

Antenna 2m copper j-pole   Wator    $40

Antenna 10m wire diapole  Wator    $20

Realistic MTX-100 marine radio rough     $20

Some miscellaneous stuff

Local pick up sales only at this time. Contact via email


BST Listing 9/27/2022

See Listing previous listing itmes the club has avaible for sale, funds received will be use towards the New Site Project.

Fred Moses KG6STR 512 308-8056 has for sale

TYT TH-7800 new in box  $200

TYT TH-7800 programming software & USB cable  $50

BST Listing for 9/20/2022

Tony KI5RXI is looking to buy a DMR hotspot to use in his camper in the next month or so while traveling.  Anyone one have one they wish to part with?  Contact Tony –


BST Listing for 9/13/2022

!!!!*******Items onboard USS Lexington*****!!!!!

Radio room

Yaesu FT-901 DM   Transceiver    with Shure mic   minus AC cable, broken carry strap Sold

Yaesu SP-901P  Speaker/phone patch   minus cables Sold

Yaesu FT-920 Transceiver w/ MD-100 mic

Atlas 180 SSB Transceiver

Collins Equipment:

32S-1  Transmitter

75S-1  Receiver     two-each

516F-2 Power supply

312 B-3  Speaker Unit

312 B-4  Station Control

30L-1  Linear amplifier

30S-1  Linear Amplifier

Other Miscellaneous equipment

Lafayette PF-200 VHF Monitor Receiver 30-172 MHZ

Shure Desk Mic  (unknown model number)

Heathkit HD-1410 Electronic Keyer

Heathkit HD-15 Hybrid Phone Patch

Tempo RBF-1 SWR/PWR Meter (dual meters) 2KW / 200watt switchable

75 Ohm LP Filter (SO-239 ports)

Simpson Model 260 Multimeter (missing carry strap)

The following items may not attract any bids, but we need to rid them from our storage spaces

Numerous Tube Testers  (bad shape)

813 tubes

Many, Many Tower PC’s, Monitors, Keyboards

All equipment listed above is in an unknown operational condition. Not tested

BST Net Control Message 4/12/2022 – This is the last session of the BST.  The tower the 147.080 repeater will be torn down 4-18-2022 according to Jim so the net controls have elected to close down the BST net till further notice.  Thanks to all the sellers, buyers and listeners for making this net work. Thanks to Chuck Patterson for his support and for allowing us to use the 147.080 repeater.  We wish him the best of luck in the future and in relocating the repeater.

We also thank the South Texas Amateur Radio Club for generously posting the
the listings from the BST net on their web site.

73 from Randy K5GJR and James AD5TC