This online resource a public service of the STARC club to the local ham community. The Buy Sell Trade Net is NOT owned by STARC.

For the past 20 years a two meter net has been held to allow coastal bend hams to dispose of no longer needed equipment or to find something they are looking for. The only requirement is that it be amateur radio related. The South Texas Amateur Radio Club makes this space available for listings but is in no way responsible for the transactions between amateurs. See the latest net posting below:

The South Texas Amateur Radio Club has decided to continue to assist the local amateur radio community offer up their excess gear on this webpage. We will accept emails at with sellers contact information, list of items, and price. They club will update them on this page once a week. The items will also be announced very briefly at the end of the weekly STARC on air meeting every Tuesday at 8pm. Interested parties will need to contact the seller of the item for more details on the item.

7/17/2024 – FOR SALES – Jim Wilken N5VL 361-249-0993

ICOM 208H 2 meter / 400 with RT Systems software and mobile bracket for the head. Ebay $340 asking $200

Uniden BCD536HP scanner 500 with several antennas.

Uniden SDS200 scanner $500

Both do P25 Phase 2 and Provoice. In the boxes will all factory stuff.

5/28/2024 – FOR SALE William Lee   N5WRX 361-563-1303

Have two items to offer for sale.

Drake L7 power amplifier. Recent rebuild of power supply.
Powerful and quiet – 2 3-500Z tubes – rated at 2K pep output.
10 – 80 meters.  $1100  to heave to ship.

Kenwood TS-950 SD transceiver.
150 watts output – 110 vac (built in power supply)
Everything works as it should.
Clean faceplate with no wear on lettering.
This was top of the line for Kenwood and is still a great radio.
Lots of extra parts come with to keep it running for many years.
(antenna tuner board – display unit – other boards, bits, and pieces)

BST Net Control Message 4/12/2022 – This is the last session of the BST.  The tower the 147.080 repeater will be torn down 4-18-2022 according to Jim so the net controls have elected to close down the BST net till further notice.  Thanks to all the sellers, buyers and listeners for making this net work. Thanks to Chuck Patterson for his support and for allowing us to use the 147.080 repeater.  We wish him the best of luck in the future and in relocating the repeater.

We also thank the South Texas Amateur Radio Club for generously posting the
the listings from the BST net on their web site.

73 from Randy K5GJR and James AD5TC

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