88 Repeater Linked to SADRC

The 146.880 repeater is currently linked into the San Antonio Digital Radio Club (SADRC) via a local Fusion RF link node. This linked capability only works in Yaesu C4FM mode. We have this in place to get our feet wet with having this site linked as we continue getting some challenges resolved at the repeater site. You will hear more digital packets broadcast on this frequency as QSO’s take place. If you have a C4FM Fusion Yaesu radio you only need to do two things, make sure you have your callsign config in your radio setting and change to C4FM (Digital) mode and go. Key the PTT and pause for one second before talking and pause for one second before releasing your PTT. No additional setting or registration to complete. Please take this opportunity to talking to other amateur radio operators outside of our local area through this repeater. More updates will be posted as needed.