Buy/Sell/Trade for 02-05-2019

1st lister N5VL Jim 361-249-0993
  1. Comet  CMX 2300,twin swr power meter.Cross needle displays.HF does 3 kw,vhf-uhf does 200 watts.Very good shape works as should looks great.Jim is asking $100.00 ,some online for $190.00-$200.00.

2nd lister KD5PA Charlie 361-244-6072
  1. Has want for HEIL single ear piece headset like hc5.

3rd lister KA5LYL Todd 361-816-7748
  1. Yaesu FT-920 originalbox,manual and mic,everything that came with it ,as new condition with inrad narrow filter installed. looks as new works as should no problems ,plug in hook to antenna and go. hf and 6 m 100 watt transciever asking $650.00.
  2. Yaesu MD-100 desk mic,matches most Yaesu radios ,works with radios with modular or 8 pin plug great shape loks great works great.Todd would like to trade for a excellant shape dummy load.

There were 10 particapants in tonights net,thanks for all who particapated.

Charlie, KD5PA