Buy/Sell/Trade for 12-04-2018

 Has for sale/trade 1-Kenwood TMv71 perfect condition,mike manual,box,asking 250.00
                                 2-Drake MN4 200 watt tuner,matches Drake 3 and 4 series radios,asking 100.00
                        Trade interest are 706m2g mike,straight key,kw tuner
 Has for sale-Compac presario laptop,windows 10,ham radio deluxe,250 gigs,asking 50.00
                       Want a switching power supply of 12 amps or better
Nw5p-Clint-361-229-2418 leave message
    Has for sale-1-TH-9000 220mhz 60.00
                          2-TH-9000D 70cm 60.00
                          3-TYT-dual band mobile,60.00
                          4-Alinco DR 185,vhf asking 75.00
                          5-Yeasu 3200,asking 75.00
                          6-Yeasu FT 891 HF mobile radio,asking 450.00
                          7-Icom 207H dual band mobile,call for price
                          8-Ameritron ALS 600,solid state hf amp,call for price.
There where 12 listeners for tonight’s net.
73s Randy k5gjr