In-Person Meetings

Monthly Club Meeting: The South Texas Amateur Radio Club meets the 4th Thursday of every month except in the months of November and December. Details:
  • Date:  4th Thursday each month (except November & December)
  • Time: 1900 HRS
  • Location:  St. Mark’s Episcopal Fellowship Hall 2727 Airline Rd., Corpus Christi, Texas 78414

On-Air Meetings

Weekly On-Air Meeting:
Join us every Tuesday night at 20:00 on the 146.820 repeater (107.2 PL)
for the weekly STARC On-the-Air meetings.  Alternate repeater is 146.880 (107.2 PL).  

The meeting is open of all amateurs in the Coastal Bend.  We will have announcements of upcoming events and contests.  We will also take check-ins and comments from the group. STARC On-the-air Meeting Script


  • Date:  Every Tuesday evening.
  • Time: 2000 HRS
  • Repeater:  146.820 (107.2 PL) or Alternate Repeater 146.880 (107.2 PL)

On-Air Net Meeting Format

Good evening everyone.  This is (CALLSIGN), (NAME), and I will be the net control for this evening’s on the air meeting of the South Texas Amateur Radio Club.

At this time, we will take a stand-by for any priority or emergency use of the repeater.  This is (CALL).

Hearing nothing, we’ll go ahead and start the net.

This net is open to all licensed amateur radio operators.  You do not have to be a member of STARC to participate.  The 146.82 repeater has a negative offset and requires a 107.2 tone.  The repeater has a 5 minute timeout, so please remember to re-key your mic if you get long winded.   The basic format is that we will take a list of check-ins, then go over a list of announcements. We will then go down the list of check-ins for comments.  If you would like to check in to the net with or without comments, please call net control at this time with your callsign only.  This is (CALLSIGN). (after about 5-8 check-ins, acknowledge those checked in) Do we have any more check-ins?   (Announcements – Check the STARC calendar for updates as well as any announcements received from Club officers.)   Any additional check-ins?   Comments (Call each callsign for comments.  If the list is long, take check-ins somewhere along the list.)   Any additional check-ins or re-checks?   Hearing nothing, we will go ahead and close this session of the STARC on-the-air meeting at (CURRENT TIME).  We had a total of ## check-ins tonight.  I’d like to thank everyone that checked in and those that participated with comments.   We will now return the 146.82 repeater back to normal amateur radio use.  This is (CALLSIGN). 73.