STARC EYEBALL 1/25 Live Stream

Starting 1/25 7pm – YouTube Link

Fellow Hamsters, STARC is trying something new this year. We will live stream the STARC eyeball meeting on our new YouTube channel so those who can not attend in person can attend the meeting virtually. We are new to this so please be patient if it doesn’t quite work out as technical difficulties may occur. We will work to improve them as we move forward.

We are very excited to bring the club meeting to you on in this platform and hope it is a success.

As always we want to see you in person when possible but this is just one more way we can have our members and non members participate in our club activities.

NOTE: The Webcam will be placed in the very front of the room and will be only recording the moderators and those giving presentations. Meeting attendees will not be in the view of the web cam. If you ask a question or make a comment your voice may likely be picked up by the microphone.