BST for 9-14-2021

K5UMH  Ray  361-462-4400
For Sale:  Hex Beam 6m through 20m  $100
     Ham IV rotor   $125  or  $200 for the pair.
KA5LYL   Todd   361-206-9363
For Sale:  Heathkit legal limit tuner  (roller inductor) SA2060  $250
     MFJ 492  memory keyer   $50
     Ameratron legal limit tuner  ATR20 (roller inductor)   $350


BST for 9-7-2021

WB5EPL  Richard  361-877-1320
For Sale:  Generator mounted on a trailer.  37.5 Kv Diesel engine
      w/manuals.  Red and has been used at field day.  (single and
      3 phase)   $5000.00
KA5LYL  Todd  361-206-9363 
For Sale:  Yaesu MD100 desk mic.    $50
      Icom SM 8 desk mic.     $150
      Drake 7077 desk mic. (Astic)     $50
      Drake TR 7 radio Tech special  Call
K5UMH  Ray  361-462-4400
For Sale:  Hex beam antenna 20m through 6m w/Ham IV rotor

BST for 8-31-2021

Nz5j-eric,Portland Tx,361-777-5000
    Has for sale a MFJ 1838 cob web 6-40 mtr antenna, in brand new condition, 75′ of LMR coax, asking 250 for all.
  For sale-1-Icom ID 5100 less than year old, every thing that came in box new, asking 300.00
                  2-MD100 desk mike-50.00
                  3-Electrovoice 619 desk mike-50.00
                  4-drake 7077 desk mike-50.00
                  5-SP8 external speaker asking 125.00
Km5qs-Jay-Alice Tx-361-453-2781
  For sale- Swam MK1 amplifier, 10-80 mtrs, totally rebuilt, power supply, band switch,caps,tubes,1100 watts out, asking 700.00
Kc5 noa- Bart-361-389-1946
  Has a want for Transistor finals for a TS 480
          a 10-40 mtr vertical antennav


BST for 8-22-2021

  Has for sale: Hex beam,6-20 mtrs, ham 4 rotor,50′ push up pole, asking 400.00
Ka5 lyl-Todd-361-206-9363
 Has for sale-  1-Yaesu SP8,external speaker, asking 125.00
                       2-Electro voice 619 desk mike, looks great works great, asking 50.00
                       3-Drake 7077 desk mike, looks great works great, asking 50.00
                       4- Drake TR7 transciever BROKE, tech special, make offer.