The rules for using our autopatch are quite simple:

  1. We ask that you identify yourself by your call sign requesting to use the patch.
  2. Pause, and if there is no emergency traffic press * followed by the phone number you wish to call.  
  3. Conduct your phone call in a timely manner, remember, others are listening and possibly waiting.
  4. At the conclusion of your call identify yourself by call sign  ie ( ... This is WW5WWW dropping the patch. )
  5. Use the # sign to drop the autopatch.
  6. As always, you may not use the autopatch to conduct any business.
  7. The club also asks that you do not use the autopatch to leave messages on answering machines or to activate pagers.
  8. If you get put on hold make sure they aren't playing music, if so drop the patch and call back.
  9. Notify or remind people that you call that they are on an amateur radio communications link and to please conduct themselves accordingly.

  10.   Try to monitor the repeater and help out if someone needs assistance.


Command	Function			Example

026	Recall TOD in Male Voice	026

	(TOD is Time of Day)

027	Recall TOD in Female Voice	027

029	Recall the Date			029

163	Keypad Test			163 123456

164	Recall Software Version		164

187	User Logon			187 xxx yyyy 

	(where xxx is your 3 digit speed dial # including

	 leading zeros and yyyy is your password)

188	Recall Who is Logged in		188

189	User Logoff			189

1.    LISTEN and make sure no one is using the repeater
2.    ID yourself on the repeater,
3.    Press the PTT button and enter the command using your DTMF keypad
4.    ID after you are done.


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