BST for 10-19-21

KA5LYL  Todd  361-206-9363
For Sale:  Heathkit legal limit tuner SA2060
                w/meters    $150  Local sale only

BST for 10-12-21

K5chr-Art-361-249-1459 Has for sale- 1 – MFJ 868-swr/watt meter asking 60.00  2 -Ventroncis HPT 1500 legal limit tuner, asking 100.00  3 -Diamond MX 3000 triplexer, hf-vhf-uhf, asking 50.00  4 – Comet CX333, triband vertical antenna, 2mtr, 1.25cm, 70cm, asking 100.00  5 – Alpha Delta DX LB PLUS, 10-160 fan dipole, asking 100.00

Kf5 upz-Pete-361-227-1980  Has for sale- 1 – HF/6 mtr to go station, IC 7200, everything as new, MFJ tuner, Gator case, asking 1000.00  2 – or the Icom IC7200 with box, mike, manual, cord, asking 700.00

N5vl-Jim- 361-249-0993 Has for sale- 1 – Heathkit HW202 and power supply, 2mtr 6 channel xtal controlled radio, no tones, asking best offer.

Nw5p-Clint- 361-205-3072, leave message  Has for sale- 1 -Stryker 10/12 mtr radio, brand new in box, not opened, asking 200.00   2 – Whistler 1065 scanner, programmed for most local entities, as new, asking 200.00 he’ll deliver 1/2 way.

BST for 10-5-2021

N5VL  Jim  361-249-0993
For Sale:  HeathKit HW202 W/HP23 power supply 2m 6 position radio;
                HW12 80m ssb/cw radio w/power supply;
                Motorola Flat Star electrolytic mic (no plug)
                ALL are Make Offer!

KA5LYL  Todd  361-206-9363
For Sale:  Any Tone AT588UV3 fm radio (2m, 220, 70cm) 50w $125
                Ameratron ATR20 legal limit tuner  $250
                Looking for Drake Gear.

KF5UPC Pete 361-227-1980 (Late Add)
For Sale:  Icom 7200 hf/6m radio for sale is a 8-9+.  Radio manual and Box for $700.00 OR  A GO BOX-  Mobile Base System That includes the icom 7200 Icom D star mobile ,Gator case Automatic antenna tuner for the HF Storage locker for $1000.00. If I don’t answer leave message or send text message.

BST for 9-28-2021

Ka5-lyl-Todd- 361 206-9363
 Has for sale- almost new Ameritron ATR-20 antenna tuner, in perfect condition, asking 250.00
 Has a want for a 1- SDR transceiver
                             2-Kenwood mike for a TS 590