Buy/Sell/Trade for 02-19-2019

1.lister N5WRX Bill  361-563-1303
  1.Yaesu FTM3200 2m yaesu fusion radio asking $125
  2.Yaesu FTM400 2m-440 dual band yaesu fusion radio asking $325.00
  3.Yaesu  FT2D dual band HT wide band recieve ,comes with desk charger and extra battery asking $400.00.
  4.Yaesu FT 991A  hf-6 m 100 watt ,plus 2m and 440 all mode radio asking $650.00
  5.Kenwood TS 520 hf radio with D104 mic asking $200.00
  6.Ten TECH omni 6+ with 705 mic asking $600.00
  7.Cuscraft 4s 3 band beam(10-15-20m) all there no problems works great asking$150.00

2nd lister KA5LYL Todd 361-816-7748
  1.Yaesu FT 920  hf+6m 100 watt all mode radio/Has  inrad 400 cw filter,has md100 desk mic,original box and inserts,manual asking$700 obo.Todd would trade for radio that bdoes hf-6 m all mode or mybe hf ,he has a 6m so might bconsider hf only if have something of equal value with more filter boptionsv like ssb filters please contact Todd.
  2. Todd has a want for a 1kw dujmy load.

3.lister N5VL Jim  361-249-0993
  1.Jim has a want for a 6m verticle antenna if you have one you wiol part with give Jim a call.

4.lister NW5P Clint   please contact me KD5PA Charlie 361-244-6072
  1Clint is looking for a Yaesu ATAS120A motorized antenna, if have one available please contact me .

there were 10  participants in tonights net thank youall for participating /



From Gus, NN4Z

  • Collins 32S-1 and 75S-1 $ 600.00
  • Collins KWM-2 and PS $ 750.00
  • Collins Station Console 312B-5 (Only sold with the KWM-2, not separately) $ 250.00
  • SM-2 Microphone $ 195.00
  • Heathkit 101 and PS $ 190.00
  • Heathkit Microphone $   40.00
  • AsTatic D104 $   40.00

You can contact Gus via email:

Or Cell phone 210-294-4011 Links:

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