Buy/Sell/Trade for 11-20-2018

1st listerĀ  N5RMQ Bob 956-337-3383
1. Bob has an Yaesu FRG 100 general coverage receiver,as new in looks and operation ,great receiver.Bob is asking $200.00.

2nd lister N5VL Jim 361-249-0993
1.Jim has timewave AN4 noise cancellation device goes between radio and antenna ,will handle 150 watts power.,works great looks great ,Jim is asking $100.00.
2.Jim has an compacq presario laptop with windows 10 and 250 gb hard drive works great ,little slow but great for ham radio applications ,has some ham software already installed.Jim is asking $ 60.00.
3.Jim has an microsoft 12 amp power supply ,Jim is asking $20.00.

There were about 9 participants tonight ,thank you all for participating .