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Scouts Storm the Lex

After Larry left the Hamfest last Saturday (11/14/09), he headed down to the Lexington where he volunteers much of his time.  While on board with over 400 scouts, some of them made it up to the radio room for a tour and a few quick contacts on the radios of W5LEX.  Larry received the following Email and picture from one of the parents chaperoning the scouts.

Larry, thank you so much for the great tour of the Lexington's radio room. I sent the picture below out to some family and friends including the parents with a brief write-up of what we did. I think it was really neat watching them get excited about putting their names together in Morse code. I think they'll treasure those Lexington QSL cards for some time to come. I know I will.

For my log and maybe a small write-up, do you recall what Brian's call sign was? I know we wrote it down for the log, but I should have made a note for myself. I wouldn't want to leave him out.

Take a look at these little faces. They had a fun time and got exposed to some of the incredible history of radio in the military. That's fine business. That's ham radio at it's finest. Thanks.

--Michael, W5GIC


2009 Museum Ship Weekend Information

USS Lexington Committees Formed

(if you would like to help with the USS Lexington Project, we are always looking for volunteers.  Please contact any of the STARC Officers and we can get you in touch with the right people).

Three committees have been formed to help get the Lex project moving.  These include:  Finance, Station, and ???? (I forget at the moment)

I'll try to update this page with more information from the various committees as it is supplied to me, (Hint, Hint)

KC5YKX, Reid, supplied the following pictures from one of the recent meeting aboard the Lex. (updated 05/05/04)

LexComm1.JPG (18743 bytes) LexComm2.JPG (18694 bytes) LexComm3.JPG (13988 bytes)

Club Radio Purchased

Also, a "new" radio has been purchased by the club for use on the Lexington (and other events as needed).  It is a Yaesu FT-920. (<= You can click on the link to go to the Yaesu web site for product info)

Antenna Party #2 Pictures:
Recently, an antenna party was held on the Lex.  The following photographs were supplied by Ed, K5EBS.



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