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May 28, 2005 - Girl Scout Radio Badge

On May 28, 2005, a troop of Girl Scouts from Copperas Cove, about 21 girls, came board the Lex as part of the live aboard program.  Their first activity after stowing their gear was to attend the Girl Scout Radio Badge class given by Larry, W5LDB.  Assisting Larry was Holly, KE5EOM, and Steve, N0WZH.

The class began with a general overview of radio and then moved into some specifics of Ham radio and how we are a service organization and what hams do for the community. 

We then went over Morse code and the girls had a fun time tapping out their name on the practice keys.

We then took the girls to the radio room.  Every girl and leader, made contacts on local 2m and 6m repeaters.  Due to time constraints, we were unable to make any HF contacts.  Thanks to O.B., KA5OLN, and Glyn, KD5PXB, for providing the contacts.

November 13, 2003 - Girl Scout Radio Badge
(Pictures will be added soon)

On November 13th, 2003, Junior Girl Scout Troop #855 from Portland, Tx boarded the USS Lexington to work with Larry, W5LDB, on earning their Radio Badge.

Those in attendance were:
Troop Leader - Donna Carr
Assistant Leader - Rose Wheeler
Junior Girl Scouts:
    Deanna Carr
    Ashley Evetts
    Emily Giron
    Alexandra Sanchez

W5LDB reports the following contacts were made:
VHF Radio:
    Charles, WB5IZD, Ricardo, TX
HF Radio:
    Medina, Ohio
    Los Angeles, California
    New Mexico

Notes from the event:
There has been a problem with solar flares the past month
Contest that same weekend which cut into our activity
Some frequencies are set aside where no contesters are encouraged.

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